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Whidbey-R Fixture

Perfect Fit  Whidbey-R Fixtures are made in the USA by Northwest LED Lighting.  These 1.375″ inch square decorative recessed fixtures with flange are ideal for visible mounting locations requiring a  higher lumen output.  They can be used for wall, ceiling, vanity lighting, and cove lighting. Available with Frosted diffuser lens in lengths from 4″ to 16 feet in several brightness and color temperature options. Whidbey-R fixtures can be made into square and rectangular  recessed shapes up to 192″ per side.

Typical Uses


Model Number

LinF12-017, LinF24-017


1 3/8" w. X 1 3/8" h. (Flange 1 15/16")

Download: Perfect Fit Whidbey-018 cut sheet 5-2020-UB

Color Temperature Options

Temp. Traditional Equivalent Description
2700-1800 k “Warm Dim” Incandescent White Warm Dim – 2700 k dims to 1800 k
2700 k Incandescent White Warm White
3000 k Halogen White White
4000 k Natural White Cool , Natural White

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Brightness Options

Brightness Watts/Ft. Light Output Best Uses
Extra Bright 4.4 400 Lumens/Ft. Under cabinet, pantry, closets
Ultra Bright 5.5 763 Lumens/Ft. Task Lighting, Vanities, Uplighting, & Ceiling
Ultra Bright x 2 11.0 1526 Lumens/Ft. Ceiling, Task, Pendant
Dual Bright 5.9 700 Lumens/Ft. Task Lighting, Vanities, Uplighting, & Ceiling
Warm Dim 2.9 275 Lumens/Ft. Warm Dim Decorative
Warm Dim x 2 5.8 550 Lumens/Ft. Bright Warm Dim Decorative, Vanities,

Lens Options


Produces a softer, slightly warmer diffused light and are preferred with reflective surfaces to minimize glare and reflection.


Appears black when not lit, best for areas where de-emphasizing the lens is desired (reduces light output).

Finish Options

Silver (Standard)




Custom colors available – contact us for details

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