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Perfect Fit Neon Flex Corner Emitting Flexible Fixture

Professional quality, Corner Emitting Neon Flex flexible fixtures create beautiful even lighting around curves and shapes.  Uniform, “dot free” output.   Waterproof and available in multiple color and brightness options to meet your lighting needs.  High Color Rendering Index (CRI) of 93 or better illuminates in true colors.

Corner Emitting Neon Flex flexible fixtures are dimmable, low voltage lighting that emits light from the radius edge of the strip, making it suitable for mounting at the junction of a wall and ceiling or shelf wall and top.

Custom Fabricated in any length up to 16.4 feet per section.  Longer runs can be created with intermediate feed points.  Can be ordered in custom lengths, with custom lead wires and even interconnected to another piece.

NEON FLEX series fixtures are made of flexible & waterproof dual silicone extrusion and come standard with mounting clips.

Typical Uses

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Model Number

LinF12-1616-C, LinF24-1616-C


0.63" W x 0.63" H

Download: Perfect Fit Neon Flex cut sheet 2-21

Color Temperature Options

Temp. Traditional Equivalent Description
2400 K Very Warm White (MB only) Very Warm White
2700 K Incandescent White Warm White
3000 K Halogen White White
4000 K Natural White Cool, Natural White
RGB Color Adjustable Color Adjustable

Brightness Options

Brightness Lumens/Ft. Watts/Ft. LEDs/foot
Soft (SO) 64 1.5 18
Medium Bright (MB) 128 2.9 36
Bright (BR) 175 4.0 18
Extra Bright (XB) 198 4.4 36

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